maxresdefaultYou are possibly reading this article because someone has prospected you on Ariix. This site is devoted to getting beneath the hype and into the facts. If not all, most pre launches have lot of hype around them. Hence, we suggest make sure you get all the facts before you join.

What Is Ariix?

Ariix is an MLM company founded in July of 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The name Ariix comes from a Latin word that means “Gold.” Ariix is claiming to set the Gold Standard in the MLM industry and nutrition industry.

Is Ariix really the “Gold Standard?” Or is it just hype. We shall soon find out.

Company Management

Company management is very crucial for any MLM company. The founding management team includes Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jeffrey Yates and Riley Timmer. There are probably others as well, but I have not been able to verify them.

The four gentlemen worked for USANA Health Sciences (A nutritional MLM) for several years. Mr. Cooper was President and COO, Mr. Wilson was VP of Sales, Mr Timmer was VP of Finance, and Mr. Yates the CFO at USANA. All four resigned on May 10, 2011 from USANA to (probably) start Ariix.

So, that represents a good portion of USANA’s upper management. You may look at USANA’s track record and see that they have really done great over the years. We can assume that those gentlemen played a part in that. They bring their experience to Ariix which is a very big plus for this start up MLM.

Ariix Products

Ariix-products-21Ariix’s main products are nutritional products. Health & Wellness is undoubtedly the best market for MLM companies. In fact, most of the companies that have been around the longest are in health and wellness. People’s interest in staying healthy is still rising. What’s more, most nutritional products are ordered every month, so that helps to create a residual income.

How can Ariix plan to compete?

The Truth is, it isn’t that difficult. Success in MLM starts with superior products. Plus, make great products and compensate distributors fairly to share them. That is really all it takes.

So how good are these products?

all-ariix-productsHonestly, that is for you to evaluate and decide. Every company will tout the science behind their product development. Every company will work to create an impression that their products are greater to everyone else’s. Eventually, the market gets to vote with its dollars. So do you like these products? Do you trust they are worth the price? If so, then others will perhaps agree, and you have the foundation for a solid business.