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MOA Has 34 Superfoods To Nourish Your Body

Superfoods are foods that contain a large amount of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants or have other special nutritional properties. Instead of featuring only a few watered-down ingredients, MOA combines 34 potent superfoods in every single bottle! That means you’re getting a wide spectrum of superfoods from around the world, combined in a synergistic blend for
a variety of healthful benefits.

ARIIX’s Introduces MOA, a Super Nutrition Blend of super foods Mother Nature has to offer. Free of preservatives and other toxins, MOA is packed with purees, extracts, whole fruits, vegetables and herbs uniquely assembled to be the best, most unique liquid formula on the market today.

The MOA formula has been thoroughly researched to capture the essence of nature and ensure the very best possible health benefits for you and your family. Simply stated, MOA is the world’s most perfectly balanced Super Nutrition Blend available.

Fill your day with MOA and give your body the essential nutrients it needs to be healthy and balance.

Human Clinical Trials Confirm That MOA Ingridient Maitake Gold 404® PROVIDES Provides Safe And Efective Immune Support

MaitakeGold 404 is a proprietary extract of Maitake mushroom, commonly known as ‘hen of the woods’ or ‘dancing mushroom’ and used traditionally for centuries as both a culinary and medicinal mushroom. Based on its potential for widespread therapeutic use in supporting immune health, a three-year, U.S. government-funded, multi-phase, human clinical study of MaitakeGold 404’s immune-enhancing properties was initiated at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, one of the world’s foremost medical research facilities.Maitake Gold 404

This study demonstrated that MaitakeGold 404® is highly bioavailable while being safe to use when taken orally on a daily basis. In addition, this proprietary mushroom extract is effective in supporting immunity while limiting inflammation that can be associated with a healthy immune response.

MOA, a liquid superfood supplement that is part of ARIIX’s Nutrifii line, is composed of a proprietary blend of 34 nourishing fruits, berries, spices and mushrooms from around the world – including MaitakeGold 404 – that are valued for their health-promoting properties.

MOA Is Such Much More Than A Supplement

Moa features 34 amazing superfoods that are high in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants, as well as BioPerine, which has been proven to help nutrient absorption in the body. Superfoods are foods that contain a large amount of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants or have other special nutritional properties. Instead of featuring only a few watered-down ingredients, Moa combines 34 potent superfoods in every single bottle! That means you are getting a wide spectrum of superfoods from around the world, combined in a synergistic blend for a variety of healthful benefits.

MOA Ingredients

Quality You Can Feel

Healthier Immune System

MOA includes ingredients that have been proven to promote healthy immune function and cellular health.

The Best Combination of Antioxidant Superfoods

Ingredients include bergamot, apples, grapes, cranberries, maitake and shiitake mushrooms, and BioPerine.

Better Nutrients Absobtion

MOA includes BioPerine, which has been clinically proven to increase nutrient absorption in the body.
Order MOA Today And Give Your Body Over 30 Superfoods !
Supplement for 28 days





MOA Supplement Facts

MOA Frequenly Ask Questions

What Does Moa Taste Like?
Unlike traditional juices, Moa is a unique liquid nutritional supplement containing nutrient-rich seeds, herbs, roots and superfruits from around the world that have been shown to support health and wellness. Don’t expect light flavors like those from convenience store fruit juices. Because Moa contains unique ingredients, its flavor is also unique. The reactions from those who have already added Moa as part of their daily nutritional regimen are positive, describing it as having a bold, full-body taste, rich in color and flavor with a hint of warmth and spice.
What Are The Health Benefits Of MOA?
We all know that for better health, we need to have 8 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Most days, though, that’s pretty hard to do. That’s where Moa comes in and makes things easier for us. Moa is a great way to quickly and easily consume a powerful combinatioid nutritional super food supplement that would provide an all-in-one product with a wide array of superfood nutrients and antioxidants. Most liquid nutrition juice products on the market today are composed mainly of water, or they’re reconstituted powders, relying on a single trendy fruit. Deanna realized that no one had taken the approach of using whole foods — purees and concentrates instead of powders. As a result Moa was created, combining the healthful benefits of superfoods in one delicious, easy and efficient liquid supplement.
What Is The Shelf Life Of MOA?
Moa should be used consistently based on the dosing recommendations on the Moa label. Moa is sealed for freshness and will remain shelf stable for a while, but once the seal is removed it should be consumed within 2 weeks.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to bringing the best health and wellness products to you by extensively researching modern nutritional science. The ARIIX 100% potency guarantee is the cornerstone of our quality, and we are dedicated to our mission to Unleash the Human Potential for Good.

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