images (22)So, you have been doing all your daily tasks, but all of a sudden a painful situation comes in. Headaches are of the most common reasons of many employees not performing very well. Battling over this requires knowing its cause.

There can be may factors that can cause headaches. The most common type is a tension headache, which is a mild and constricting feeling around your head that is often caused by holding your neck in a tight position. The more serious one is migraine which tend to be more painful and recurring. The next time you feel like the pain is dragging you down and affecting your normal daily functions, try these easy remedies.

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Take a rest. The pain you are feeling can be a sign that you body needs to relax and recharge. If you feel like your head is aching, take a nap or just a simple and quick break.

 images (19)Stretch and breathe. Do some simple desk exercise to knot up the muscles which the overworked minds and bodies react into. Breathing is a way to relax but make sure to perform it properly. Aside from relieving stress, you will also be able to get enough oxygen that your body needs for blood circulation.

images (20)Improve your posture. Remember those proper ways to sit? Yes, how you position your body might be a factor of the pain you’re feeling. Improving your posture can make all the difference when it comes to tension-type headaches. How you slouch, slump, or hunch forward can stgrain your muscles.

images (21)Eat a quick meal. When you are experiencing headache, it usually means that your brain is not receiving enough glucose which is used for a proper brain function. And how would you supplement that lacking glucose? Foods that are rich in carbohydrates in small amounts can help you ease the pain fast. You can also eat foods that are rich in magnesium such as tofu, olive oil, and sunflower.

images (23)Apple cider vinegar compress. Being a known natural remedy, apple cider vinegar has a reputation of easing headaches. If you are feeling disturbing pain of headache, try getting some of a compress that has apple cider vinegar.


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