images (91)When you hear about superfoods, you will always think of anti-cancer and immunity boosting nutrient-dense foods. But did you know that there are many superfoods that are considered anti-aging? Let’s get to know them so you can have them in your next meal, rather than spending too much money on fancy drugstore beauty products.


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  •  Watermelon. A popular detox drink ingredient. Watermelon is not only good for the summertime, you can also enjoy them as your natural age-defying drink. It contains citrulline, an amino acid essential that is good for circulation.
  • Kale. Probably the most nutrient-dense superfood known. Kale is good for your bones and your eyes. It has omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K. It also contains calcium, and lutein. Eating more of kale of adding it to your favorite smoothie recipe is also good for your skin because it boosts collagen production.
  • Yogurt. Yogurt are rich in calcium that prevents osteoporosis and contains good bacteria, helping to maintain gut health and diminish the incidence of age-related intestinal illness.
  • Olive oil. The monounsaturated fats in olive oil are largely responsible for the low rates  of heart disease and cancer. It has polyphenols which help prevent age-related diseases.
  • Nuts. They are rich sources of unsaturated fats that offer benefits similar to those associated with olive oil. They are also rich in vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals such as antioxidants.
  • Blueberries. The compounds in blueberries mitigate inflammation and oxidative damage, which are associated with age-related deficits in memory and motor function.

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Superfoods are foods that contain a large amount of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants or have other special nutritional properties.