images (53)Want stay healthy and still on the budget? We are aware that some of the healthiest foods are either rare or expensive. But there are still ways to have a plate full of good food even if you’re tightening the belt. Here are some of the most effective, yet easy ways to eat healthy while you’re on the budget.



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1. Choose to buy whole foods. One way to save is to keep your options limited to whole foods. These foods are generally cheaper and more nutritious than processed foods. It is also best to buy fresh foods when it’s season.

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2. Freeze it. You can preserve the food if you are not cooking or eating them directly. But you still to consumer the do’s and don’ts in keeping them fresh to avoid any unwanted consequences.

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3. Look for sale. If you can find a better deal without compromising the product quality, consider that opportunity. You can also incorporate your weekly meal plan accordingly to fit to the foods that are on sale or cheaper for that particular time.

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4. Opt to cheaper proteins. You can have protein even without spending too much on meat. Instead of always buying steaks and salmons, you can opt to eggs, milk, mackerel, tuna, or cottage cheese.

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5. Buy generic foods. What makes branded foods higher in price than their generic counterpart is the packaging and advertising. If you can find a generic version but still or almost the same with the quality, it would save you a lot to choose them.

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6. Supplement wisely. Food supplements are good for us, especially when you are lacking in some important nutrients. But you should be wiser in choosing them. Sometimes, the quality of the supplements will be more of a concern than its cost. Unlike whole fresh foods, food supplements mostly have undergone processes. To keep you safe, healthy and save money at the same time, you should be very critical in choosing the right supplement. Be mindful of the ingredients (they must be natural as possible) and how they are processed.

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