A box of chocolate and sweet candies. Who doesn’t love that? You would say that you love it, like it, you crave for it. Craving is like a justification to all the guilt we feel when we consume so much of the not-so-healthy foods. But what really is the story behind our craving? Is this something we can avoid? something we can fix?

Craving is defined simply as a powerful desire for something. When it  becomes to food, it is something that we think we shouldn’t be deprived from. It is this yearning desire that we provide solutions to a fault. Are we really craving for those mouth-watering foods, or  there is something more behind it?

This might be some kind of a shocker but, most or our cravings are driven by our body wanting  for something that it needs. Take a look at this list and give your mind and body some alternatives for the foods that we commonly crave for.

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  • Coffee. A morning must-have for most of us. Coffee has what we need for our body to be awake and energized.  The Basically, it is what our body wants. Our body craves for energy that it needs throughout the day. Instead of flooding our body with coffee, try providing our body natural alternatives. Green tea smoothie has energy-releasing healthy compounds plus it’s good  for losing weight.

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  • Sugar. Famous one in the list. Anything with sugar is surely a culprit for a lot of cravings. When we are craving for sugar, our body needs glucose. You shouldn’t worry if you abstain from the less-healthy sugar-containing foods and snacks  because there is a wide natural choices you can opt to. Natural low-glycemic carbohydrates sources are your best choices to get the right amount of glucose and keep your body  at a healthy condition.

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  • Pizza. Tell me, who doesn’t like pizza? It’s like a perfect  meal in a box. But what you should know is that pizza is one of our body’s sources of fatty acids. But don’t get tricked, what it means are the essential fatty acids. If you feel like you’re craving for pizza, look instead for healthy alternatives for essential fatty acids such as walnuts, salmon, and flaxseed.

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  • Fried foods. French fries, fried chicken, you name it! We crave for it. So, what does it mean if our body craves for these fried foods is that it needs a source of healthy fat. The bad news is what you usually get from these foods we crave for are the bad fats. On the brighter side, there are a lot of other  healthier alternatives. Healthy fats can be obtained from avocado and coconut oil. So if you really need to do some frying, think of healthier options first.

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  •  Alcohol. Not a shocker. People’s craving for alcohol has mostly become an addiction, and it is the reason why bars earn so much. But we should not be deceived by this. If we can still avoid or lower down your consumption of alcohol, do it. Your body is tricking you. What your body really wants is  minerals. Minerals are rich in many whole foods and in  healthy juices. So, the next time you order for a drink, you know what drink to enjoy more without adding guilt to yourself.


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